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Updated: 8 hours 36 min ago

Iraqi Kurds to vote on independence

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 02:21

The outcome of the vote, almost certain to be "yes," is likely to further rattle a region still engulfed in the fight against the Islamic State group. Baghdad and Iraq's neighbors Iran and Turkey — which worry it will encourage their own sizable Kurdish populations — have all demanded it be called off.

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Trump unveils new sanctions targeting North Korea

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 23:32

Following up the forceful statement he made at the U.N. on Tuesday, the president announced a new executive order applying further restrictions on North Korea and firms that do business with the country.

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Gab, the social network of the 'alt-right,' fights to stay online

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 23:31

A social networking website popular with white supremacists faced a fresh round of controversies this week after it banned the former system administrator of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer from using its services. It also faced a deadline from its domain registrar in Australia, which said it would delist the site over its controversial content.

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Trump jokes about 'deplorable' North Korea

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 21:40

"I'm happy you used the world 'deplorable,’” Trump told South Korean President Moon Jae-in. “That's been a very lucky word for me and many millions of people."

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Kimmel takes a second shot at Cassidy over health care bill

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 20:08

For the second straight night, Jimmy Kimmel used his monologue Wednesday to rail against Sen. Bill Cassidy and other critics who say he should stick to comedy.

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Bipartisan health care fix dies in Senate

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 05:29

The Senate’s rejection of bipartisan health bill is a dispiriting moment for world’s greatest deliberative body.

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Friend of slain Georgia Tech student: 'If Scout was more gender-conforming, would it have been different?'

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 00:41

Scout Schultz, a Georgia Tech student, was shot by campus police on Saturday night, and a protest two days later led to arrests. In the aftermath of those events, Yahoo Lifestyle talked to a friend of Schultz’s to gain some perspective on what happened and why.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Obama blasts 'aggravating' GOP plans to repeal Obamacare

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 00:03

Former President Barack Obama mocked Republicans in a speech on Wednesday for repeated efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, his signature health care law also known as Obamacare.

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Pence presses Myanmar, U.N. to end Rohingya violence

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 23:03

Vice President Mike Pence pressed Myanmar’s military to end its violent campaign against the country’s Rohingya Muslim minority and urged the U.N. Security Council to respond forcefully to the resulting humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asia.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Presidential paranoia: Does Mueller have a mole in the White House?

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 22:07

President Trump has long spoken in conspiratorial terms about a range of topics. It appears this is partly responsible for fostering a culture of distrust and paranoia in the White House.

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Kimmel: Cassidy 'lied to my face' on health care; Cassidy: 'I'm sorry he does not understand'

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 20:31

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., says Jimmy Kimmel “does not understand” the new health care legislation he and Sen. Lindsey Graham are co-sponsoring after the late-night host blasted their proposal and accused Cassidy of lying to his face.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

White House says Trump didn't apologize to Turkey's Erdogan for D.C. clash with protesters

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:25

"President Trump … said that he was sorry, and he told me that he was going to follow up on this issue,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told PBS in reference to the incident, which resulted in charges against 15 Turkish security officers.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Trump fires back after Clinton calls U.N. speech 'dangerous'

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 17:48

President Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton on Twitter after his former election opponent called his speech to the United Nations General Assembly “very dark” and “dangerous.”

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Gillespie and Northam play it safe in second gubernatorial debate

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 07:58

Republican Ed Gillespie and and Democrat Ralph Northam meet in second gubernatorial debate in Virginia.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

All eyes on Murkowski, McCain as Obamacare repeal and replace returns

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 04:35

Without support from the GOP holdouts, it is difficult to see how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., can whip 50 votes for the new health care bill before Sept. 30, the deadline to use the reconciliation process that requires a simple majority to push through the legislation.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

New riots over police shooting raise the question: What is it about St. Louis?

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:33

In St. Louis, protests over the acquittal of a former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black motorist have degenerated into violent clashes with police. Problems between police and the black community exist well beyond St. Louis and nearby Ferguson. But this week’s clashes suggest that racial problems run deep here.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Buildings sway, collapse as powerful earthquake hits Mexico City

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 02:04

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City. Stunning videos posted on Twitter showed buildings swaying and in some cases collapsing, as people poured into the streets.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

World leaders' faces react to Trump's U.N. speech

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:35

As Trump made his announcements, country by country, photographers documented how the world leaders reacted to the U.S. commander in chief’s address. Click through the slideshow to see their faces.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

Island owner Richard Branson: Hurricanes 'start of things to come'

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:16

Virgin’s billionaire founder blasts Trump on climate change: “The whole world knows it’s real except for maybe one person in the White House.”

Categories: Yahoo Political News

'What a class act!' Chaffetz says he'll pass on reading Clinton's book

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 22:06

The former congressman who, as head of a House committee, grilled Hillary Clinton relentlessly says he knows he’s in her new book but feels no need to read it.

Categories: Yahoo Political News

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