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Now PPP is no more danger to Akali Dal but to Congress.
POSTED BY : NewsManMedia_Admin
POSTED ON : 23 Mar 2012

There may be numerous reasons for the failure of congress party in Punjab assembly elections but its high command is giving lame excuses by giving undue weight-age to PPP, a new outfit came into existence few months ago. UPA Chairperson and congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi must be aware of the fact that PPP is a product of the family rebellions of Badals. It was supposed to hamper the vote bank of Akalis.
If Smt. Sonia is fed back with the views that Mr. Manpreet Badal's PPP had eaten up the anti-incumbency factor then she need to recheck the facts. The PPP has created a new vote bank. The new outfit has motivated the upper middle class youth to come out and vote. 80% of the fresh voter has voted in favour of PPP. In the absence of PPP they would hardly have come out and cast their votes.
The high turnout in the state benefits only the PPP other than any other group or party. Definitely this new party has robbed a good amount of Akali votes in Malwa area, especially in District Mukatsar. If the congress president is convinced with her statement and information then Punjab congress needs to be extra cautious of the new party because within next 5yrs party can harm congress up to a non-recoverable level. Now PPP is no more a danger to Akali Dal.
Let's not forget to give the due credit to the pre electoral planning and media management of Sukhbir singh Badal, Bikaram Singh Majithia and the entire Akali team, plus the whole hearted acceptance of S. Parkash Singh Badal as a mass leader. It is nothing less than a magic that with 34.75% of votes Akali Dal has won 56 seats and at the same time congress with more than 40% votes only managed to get 46 seats. At the same time the Akali Dal has managed these figures only by contesting 94 seats and not all 117. Mr. Sukhbir Badal has proved his skills and his acceptance within the party and among Akali workers are almost through. It is first time that Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal has also praised Sukhbir. The only problematic area and hindrance may be the BJP. But with the present results BJP may be satisfied but certainly not in a commanding or demanding position to come in the way of Chief ministership of Sukhbir Singh Badal. During last tenure of 2007-12, “Atta Dal” and governance reforms has paid off the ruling side. All these social welfare schemes had made a hole in the dalit vote bank of congress and BSP in the state. Otherwise, congress took those votes as granted. This was the reason that congress has given a poor show in Doaba (District Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur).
There was no PPP in Majha (District Amritsar and Gurdaspur) but still congress has marginally improved in the area. There Congress rebels done the Job for Akali-BJP.
To conclude, the real competition between the PPP and congress has started now. It was not in the Feb 2012 elections. Congress Presidents statement hints that congress is now making up its mind to go into alliance politics again in the state. If this would be the case than who can be a better choice for congress, PPP or BSP? Just give a wild guess.
By : Karanbir Shah

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