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Punjab To Observe World Population Day Tomorrow
POSTED BY : NewsManMedia_Admin
POSTED ON : 10 Jul 2015
Emphasis To Be Laid On Health of Mother & Child

Chandigarh, July 10:
The Punjab Government will observe world population day on 11th July and undertake such activities focused on issues related directly or indirectly to the health of all especially mother and child.

According to a spokesperson of the Health Department, this year the theme is “Khushhal parivar ka mantar, do bachhon mein teen saal ka antar”. The theme apart from conveying a message for restricting the size of family, pointed out the important dimension of Maternal and Child Health. He said that the state government would launch an awareness campaign to guide eligible couples about various aspects associated to health such as-family planning to avoid repeated pregnancies which have a detrimental effect on the health of mother as well as the child.

Divulging more details, the spokesperson said that Health and Family Welfare Department conducts vasectomy and tubectomy operations free of cost at Primary Health Centers and Community Health Centers. The Department would also conduct the special awareness camp on family planning and also provide counseling to the couples for the purpose of temporary family planning methods. The department would provide free of cost oral pills, Copper-T and Condoms.

The spokesperson further elaborated that this year’s activities would also be focused on proper spacing of pregnancies which help the mother to regain health and thus she would be able to bear healthy children. Hence, it is important to understand that the world population day does not limit itself to population limitation alone, it is an important event to focus on the maternal and child health and hence the health of future generations, added the spokesman.

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